Visual Art

Mehran Roozbahni- Frustration

Kim’s Story Proposal:

I have spoken to two art students at Frankston Chisholm TAFE who have their art in an exhibition at The Frankston Arts Centre.

Chisholm offers students at the Dandenong and Frankston campuses an opportunity to display their art in an exhibition each year. The students are required to show an interest in the exhibition and choose two works of art to display. While this exhibition is not a competition between artists, therefore showing that they have reached a new level in their art, it does get their work out into the community.

The news story will cover the exhibition and how the students organise their work to be displayed and also how they enter competitions to get their art displayed in other exhibitions and galleries. There are local galleries that offer these competitions which will also be covered in the article.

The blog is about new and emerging artists and this story will be highlighting how an artist gets to exhibit their artwork, creates pieces of artwork that are worthy of showing and how they support their careers.

The student from Iran has been in Australia for only four months and wishes to live in Australia after his two-year student visa expires. Australia has given him an opportunity to experience freedom in his life and his artwork. In Iran he owned a gallery but chose to challenge himself and his art by coming to Australia. This will make a very interesting angle for the article and will also provide a stark comparison with the other student who is a retired school teacher. She chose to go back to school and follow her dream of being an artist. The two offer very different aspects of a new and emerging artist and their goals.

The article will focus on the education they are receiving, how this has enhanced their experience as an artist and what opportunities they have received through the TAFE.

The news values incorporated within this report are proximity, currency and hopefully conflict.

As students they are the core audience our blog will attract and as struggling artists they require a forum for promoting their artwork and any events where their art appears.

This combination will make a great story for the blog.

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