Solo Artists

Zoe Baker- Singer/Songwriter

Zoe Baker- Singer/Songwriter

Louise’s Story Proposal:

The news report I intend to research and develop is tied into our blog theme of new/emerging talent and I plan to focus on a 24 year old girl, Zoe Baker, a singer/songwriter who, like many artists, is struggling to get her music into the public sphere due to the vast and expensive resources needed to kick start such a career. Zoe has recorded two of her songs in a studio with band members who have also supported other Australian talent such as Missy Higgins. I have a confirmed face-to-face interview with Zoe (phone number can be provided but for privacy reasons I am not displaying it here), as well as an interview with her “manager” (although not officially her manager but is helping her promote her music as he knows a little about the industry). I am unsure whether this second interview will be beneficial but I am starting here and may receive some leads which may prove more useful. I may have the opportunity to interview some of the band members but I won’t know until the day, but if they are there I will be able to ask them some questions which could prove beneficial as these musicians have supported many Australian singers. Our “freshfaces” blog is based on new talent which can be a difficult theme in terms of getting a hard news story as opposed to a feature story but I plan to go in the direction of her motivations behind her music and her current movements in raising funds for her music and promoting her music. This provides news value because it is current and relevant, as this is a blog for artists to connect with their audiences as well as other artists, so it will be of interest to other artists as well as timely, as the current economic climate is challenging and many new artists will be working under similar conditions. I think my news story is going to develop and grow out of my interview as I am sure a story will lead on from the questions I will ask Zoe. The major documentary sources I plan to use are Zoe’s MySpace page which is devoted to her music and has recordings of her songs and photos etc. I also plan to use Missy Higgins’ website, music history and development and articles about her rise to fame as a reference point and potentially (depending on the interview) go in the direction of comparing the two as they both have similar styles, music and went to the same school (a few years apart).

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