Scott Brownlee – Volunteer Helps Frankton Youths One Song at a Time

Frankston musician, Paul Congdon, is making a name for himself not only in the Melbourne music industry but also for his community service.

Mr. Congdon is a 25 year old Frankston man who is known to muso’s in the local area for creating the band Talk Show Host. He is the bassist for the band and one of their vocal

Paul Congdon at his Resource Centre Office

ists, the band have won many band competitions in the area and played in some of Melbourne hottest live music venues.

“We recorded our first EP in June last year up in Sydney and we were just stoked with the feedback we got. I remember when we first started getting legitimate “fans”, it was an am

azing feeling.” Says Congdon.

Their record was played on the radio program Triple J Unearthed which triggered interest in Paul and his band mates; Travis, Sebastian and Aaron who were all students at John Paul College in Frankston.

Despite his success with the band, Paul’s proudest accomplishment is his involvement with the Frankston Youth Resource Centre and their Fresh Entertainment Committee. He joined the committee after meeting some of it’s members at a Battle of the Bands in November 2008. He is now a leader in the organisation of community music events in Frankston, especially for youth in the area.

Congdon says: “Working with the guys at the Resource centre has just given me a new respect for music and its role in youth culture. I mean, I always knew it was important but to have a say in how it contributes to the community has really been awesome. It has opened my eyes to how music can help people.”

Paul on stage with Talk Show Host

Recently Paul has taken it upon himself to become a mentor to young people in Frankston. It all began in March this year when Paul was contacted by his old music teacher from John Paul College, Neil McNamara. McNamara had asked if Paul would spend some time with one of his students who was leaving school but was very talented in music.

“At first I seriously had no idea how I was supposed to help, but from my volunteer work at the Resource Centre I was excited by the challenge.” Says Congdon.

Paul soon met up with high school dropout Damian Kearney at his office at the resource centre where they discussed music and whether Damian was headed in the direction of the music industry.

Kearney, who had been involved in music at John Paul College playing the drums, soon asked Congdon for a few pointers in learning to play bass. The pair began meeting weekly to discuss, play and listen to music. The meetings were soon was tagged with the name Music Support.

“When we first started the meetings I was pumped as. I knew I didn’t want to go to school but didn’t really have anything else to do, Music Support really helped me realize how much I want to play music.” Says Kearney

The meetings soon grew and now every Thursday evening at the Frankston Youth Resource Centre Paul mentors up to 18 youths guided by his passion for music. The Frankston council considers these meetings to be very important to their community support for youths and have now decided to offer Paul funding to put on Music Support’s first ever concert taking place on November 13th at the Moorooduc Cool Stores where Talk Show host will be kicking off the meeting.

Needing some help in organization Congdon has given Damian Kearney the position of artistic director for all of Music Support’s concerts in coming times.

“I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it myself and Damian is perfect for [the position]. He has a passion for any kind of music that means his enthusiasm is through the roof. And besides, it’s his fault that I’m stuck with all these kids on a weeknight, it’s his punishment!” Paul jokes.

Scott Brownlee

Talk Show Host Promotional Photo

Talk Show Host’s Promotional video for their EP launch.

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