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Jhermaine’s Story Proposal:

The news story I am planning to develop will centre around Brendan Huntley and his most recent art exhibition launch. Considering the exhibition is one currently ongoing, I thought it would be a great add to the ‘calendar of events’ idea on the blog. Utopian Slumps, a non-profit local exhibition gallery in Collingwood, is where the launch was held, I have a confirmed interview with the directorn of the gallery, Melissa Loughnan, following this interview, including information about Utopian Slumps and their initiatives would be great information for the readers to know and perhaps a way of readers to network with like minded people. The news story will centrally focus on Brendan and his achievements as a solo artist, seeing as Brendan is also vocal artist for independent music band Eddy Current Suppression Ring, I thought information about the band and their progress as musical talent could be included in the story as well. I have a confirmed interview with band representative Mikey, and am in the process of confirming an interview with Brendan himself to talk about his music and his art. I feel after this interviews the direction that the story will go will become more focussed, deciding which area of the story will be the focal point following the exhibition opening will become more clear. All three news sources, Utopian Slumps, Brendan as a visual and musical artist and the band have potential to be the focal point. I’ve used previous reviews from magazines and websites as prior research and a background to the art and the band, two of which are a review by Spin Magazine (review title: Eddy Current Suppression Ring: Melbourne garage punks won’t quit their day jobs), about the general history of the band and the website, with articles about Brendan Huntley’s previous art exhibitions (Article title: Brendan Huntley is only human). The new story will provide value to the reader with great human interest and relevance to the intended audience; as well as proximity, being about local artists and events; and also timeliness as it is about a recent and ongoing event.

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