Louise Blanc – Local talent follows dream.

zo 1In June, Melbourne based aspiring singer-songwriter Zoe Baker recorded two of her own songs supported by Missy Higgins’ guitarist and Pete Murray’s drummer and bassist, a collaboration Zoe had only ever dreamt of.

“Eternity” and “Alone in Time” are both songs inspired by people in Zoe’s life and songs which she hopes will launch her music into the public sphere.

While Zoe Baker is not yet a household name, neither was Melissa Higgins, one of Zoe’s musical inspirations and someone Zoe, now 25, has aspired to emulate after first hearing her sing back at school. Melissa Higgins was the girl in the year above Zoe at Geelong Grammar; someone whom Zoe looked up to, captivated by her musical talents and stage presence.

Missy Higgins, as she is better known these days, won “triple j Unearthed”, a competition which discovers fresh Australian musical talent, in her final year of school and she has gone on to produce two albums and win multiple Arias.

“I remember watching Missy in various concerts at school, performing with her zo 2jazz group or solo, and playing either the guitar or piano, and I was particularly amazed by how raw her music was and how much emotion was put into each song”.


“Missy helped me write one of my first songs back at school and even then, before she was famous, I was in awe of her musical passion and talent.”

This raw musical presence is an element which is very much present in Zoe’s music, probably because a lot of her musical inspiration comes from her life and important people around her. While Missy Higgins, Jeff Buckley, Bon Iver and Ben Harper have been music inspirations, for Zoe her biggest driver and motivator is her father Michael Baker.

Told by his father that, if he were to pursue a career in veterinary science rather than taking over the family business, he would be out on his own, Michael worked multiple jobs while studying to put himself through university and today has his own veterinary clinic.

While Zoe is not in the same position as her fathezo 3r, she has drawn inspiration from his determination and fighting spirit. “Dad endured so much in order to follow his passion and love for animals…it would have taken a lot of strength and courage to go against what his family wanted”.

While Michael is 100 percent behind Zoe, describing her music as “extraordinary”, the music industry can be fickle and, in this economic climate, Zoe is experiencing the pressures of generating resources to fund a music career.

“This is a really competitive and sometimes brutal industry so I draw a lot of strength and motivation from Dad and know that with perseverance and hard work I can keep striving to achieve my dream of becoming a solo artist”.

Photos courtesy of Zoe Baker and DGglobal

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