Jhermaine Capistrano – Brendan Huntley’s artwork paradise at Utopian Slumps


Non-profit local Collingwood gallery, Utopian Slumps, opened Brendan Huntley’s latest solo art exhibition to a packed house on the 11th of September.

Local non-profit gallery Utopian Slumps, experiences another success with their latest exhibition, Looking Forward by local artist Brendan Huntley. Founded in 2007, Utopian Slumps has achieved successfully its aim to support local artists and their artwork, continuingly drawing interest from the community with their every month exhibitions. Utopian Slumps finds art that people can relate to, drawing increasing crowds into the small upper-storey gallery to view what exhibitions they choose. Founder and director of the Gallery, Melissa Loughnan, says ‘Utopian Slumps is a place mainly to showcase local Melbourne artists at the beginning or in the early stages of their careers.’ The ongoing gallery project has proved successful with its continuous increase of interest in its exhibitions.

Brendan Huntley personally greeted people, from local students, groups of friends and families, fans and art enthusiasts enjoying his latest work, Looking Forward, on opening night. The single room of the Utopian Slumps gallery constantly filled to capacity as people filed in and out. Outside people sipped on beers and champagne exchanging opinions about his latest work. Inside the gallery, a collection of ceramic and oil-paint art pieces portraying different dynamics of being human. Elsie Mayne, a visual arts university student, said ‘Brendan’s art flowed so well together, each piece seemed to follow on and displayed a great range of human expressions, each face says something else, in the art work’s similarities it shows the complexities of being human.’ Utopian Slumps, supports Brendan’s work and has displayed one of his previous exhibitions, In Order of Appearance. His exhibitions are known to focus on human expressions and emotions . The local artist, a graduate of The Victorian College of the Arts, is also vocal lead for local rock band Eddy Current Suppression Ring.

Brendan Huntley expresses his thoughts through music as well. Vocal lead for rock band Eddy Current Suppression Ring. The four man band is comprised of regular down to earth men who use their combined passion for music as a way to express themselves and have fun. All still keeping their day jobs, they’ve made big leaps in the music industry with a highlight bieng, playing at the 2009 Big Day Out festival. Their edgier, garage band sound have made their local gigs sell outs. The band with their ongoing success have been touted as the next Australian band most likely to be turning heads by those in the industry and their fans.


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