Community Music

Paul Congdon (Far Right)-  Talk Show Host

Scott’s Story Proposal:

My story for the Freshfaces blog will feature the work of musician/ community volunteer Paul Congdon and his involvement in music and the Frankston Youth Resource Centre. Paul is the Bassist/ Singer in a Frankston band called Talk Show Host. The band released an EP last year and has developed quite a following in Frankston and surrounding areas. Paul is also a mentor at the Frankston Youth Resource Centre where he is a member of their Fresh Entertainment Committee- an organisation he discovered through his involvement with the local music scene. The focus of my story is how Paul has incorporated his volunteer work with his aspirations in a music career. I have organised a joint interview with Paul and one of the youths from the centre, James Kearney aged 16. That is planned for Thursday the 24th of September. I also have an interview lined up with another member of Talk Show host Travis who has been involved in the designing of the bands merchandise and promoting the band. Talk Show Host’s myspace page can be viewed at And the contact information for my interviewees can be supplied.

Talk Show Host’s first promo video.

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