About FreshFaces

Freshfaces is a blog which promotes new and emerging talent in areas such as art, music and performing arts. If you are aged between 16 and 30 (however not exclusively) and are interested in the up and coming talent that Melbourne has to offer Freshfaces is for you!

Freshfaces includes discussions about the challenges that are faced by individuals and groups who wish to offer their artistic talents to the community. A forum to exhibit talent, find avenues for expressing talent and to discuss those talents with like-minded people. Freshfaces encourages artists to express their talents and interests and offer industry opportunities in the form of local competitions, auditions, grants, and websites. Freshfaces offers up-to-date information about the arts and focuses on being current and community orientated. Our posts focus on new artists and their wares, exhibitions, events and social outlets for artists. In the words of the great Robbie Williams “We will entertain you!” with success stories, experiences, and the challenges faced by individuals who are trying to break into the big time.

If you’re interested in Melbourne’s Arts community and its growth Freshfaces is your place to stay in the loop.

Your “Fresh Faced” bloggers are…

Kim Brooks- Visual Arts

Louise Blanc- Solo Music

Scott Brownlee- Community Music

Jhermaine Capistrano- Exhibitions

One Response to “About FreshFaces”

  1. monashgroup1 Says:

    Your blog looks amazing! The visual images are very appealing and captures the attention of the audience. The content is to the point and very precise. Your links are all relevant to your theme and is very well done. Your subtitle, ‘where the artists and audiences meet’, is very unique and lets the reader known what the blog is going to be about. Well Done.

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